available For ages 6-12

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$29 Trial program - 2 weeks of group classes with tae kwon do uniform

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Our Children’s Program has been specifically designed to facilitate their psychical growth, emotional intelligence and socio-cognitive skills

Classes are typically 45 minutes long and emphasize students to learn discipline, respect, and cooperation through multiple fun and exciting drills. Through our endurance training students gain a sense of industry and accomplishment.

In our school, students learn the fundamentals in punching, kicking as well as memorizing traditional Taekwondo forms. As students advance toward higher ranks, they learn self-defense moves such as one-step sparring, how to properly use a nunchaku and Olympic style sparring with protective gears.

Overall, our main goal is to provide a positive environment where your child can feel comfortable enough to relieve stress from their day-to-day lives and gain self-control in order to persevere through difficult tasks. Taekwondo is a great outlet for children to enhance their self-confidence and self-efficacy by actively setting goals and striving to achieve them;   so that they may undertake all of life’s toughest obstacles.

What are the benefits?

In terms of mental training, students will learn: 

  • To focus and have self-control

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect

  • Cooperation and teamwork skills

  • To have self-determination and never give up

In terms of physical training, students will gain:

  • Flexibility / Balance

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Speed / Agility / Reaction Time

  • Strength / Power

  • Muscle Endurance/Stamina

  • Enhance gross and fine motor skills

  • Improve cardiovascular / respiratory system