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Teenagers (AGES 13 - 17)

Between the ages 12-17, young adolescents experience many changes as they transition from teenagers to adults and we understand that this can be a challenging process. Our goal is to provide a safe and positive environment for such ages during their formative stage in life. Practicing martial arts can help your child develop identity achievement by honing their sense of self, through introspection and reasoning. 

The punches and kicks taught through Taekwondo are a great way for teenagers to relieve stress as well as maintaining both physical and mental health. Overall, teenagers will feel empowered because they’ll be able to demonstrate self-control, resiliency and responsibility when faced with life’s biggest obstacles.   


    Our adult classes are geared towards the fundamentals of physical and mental fitness. In terms of the physical aspect, Taekwondo will help you carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without excessive fatigue and you will notice an increase of energy throughout your day. CMAC’s program has been designed for one to achieve balance, improvement of coordination, reaction time, speed and agility at any age. 

    It’s never too late to learn Taekwondo because it is a way of life. One will see improvement in body composition, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility

Physical fitness and exercise is an important aspect of one’s well-being, however we also emphasize more of the philosophy that Taekwondo aspires to. Positive thinking through meditation and being around a positive atmosphere will help you find inner peace and maintain one’s well-being. Our goal is for you to take control of your body and mind and not let your environment dictate your actions. 

Taekwondo’s striking, blocking, self-defense techniques are sure to raise your confidence and empower you to set goals and achieve them throughout your personal and professional life.   

Adults can also find a sense of comradery and a place for sociability. Our partnership training encourages classmates to motivate and support one another, which creates a comfortable zone for one to express them freely without judgement. 

Whether you are looking for stress relief, a place for exercise, a hobby or even a place to be sociable with your peers, CMAC is here to provide you with a positive and friendly environment for one to enjoy these benefits.